Lake Milton Raptor Center

The Raptor Center founded by Aimee Pico

The Lake Milton Raptor Education Center was started By Aimee Pico and her husband Matthew Pico in 2001. We were joined in 2004 by Darlene Brockman who opened a satellite center in SW Michigan. In 2010 the center was moved from Ohio to Michigan.

Aimee Pico Aimee Pico holds a bachelors degree in Zoology. Her passion for birds started at a very young age and she has lived and worked with the avian species for the past 20 years. She is also a licensed falconer and currently hunts with Harris' Hawks.

Matthew Matthew holds a BFA and currently works in web marketing, search engine optimization and website development. Matthew also assist with the birds and education programs.

Darlene Brockman Darlene Brockman
Darlene has work as a nurse for 25 years, teaching nursing at a local college the past 15 years. She has always been interested in Owls and when Aimee asked her to join the team she could not say no. Now a daughter/mother team, we share the same passion for the Raptors and enjoy together, educating the public about these wonderful species.

Jessica 'you better recognize' Brockman Jessica Brockman
Jessica is an apprentice falconer and is attending college for a degree in biology.
She has been a volunteer for the center since 2001